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Section Constitution

Annual General meeting of the Bedfordshire Section of the VMCC.
9th November 2017

Meeting Minutes

  • Opening of Meeting and apologies for absence — Bryan opened the meeting at 2030 hrs. Apologies were received from Geoff Hoden.
  • Minutes of 2016 AGM agreed and any matters discussed - the minutes were agreed, proposed Roly and seconded Dave. The Section's 40th Anniversary in 2018 was discussed and the Committee agreed to put it on the agenda of their next meeting.
  • Secretary's report on the past years activities and presentation of Phil Hopkins Shield — Brent read out his report, Will said that he would place a copy on the website. The Hoppy shield was awarded to Roger King for his outstanding work within the Section, including the mid-week lunches, previous good work on mid-week runs and the excellent AKM run each year.
  • Chairman's Report — Bryan read out his report, looking to the future. Will to place a copy of this on the website also.
  • Treasurer's financial report — Bob read out his report, the finances were in good order. Will to place copy on website. The report was accepted, proposed Chris, seconded Brian.
  • Consideration of nominations for Chairman, Secretary, Finance Officer and seven Committee members — (All ten of the present incumbents had indicated that they are prepared to stay in post if required) — Proposed all elected again by Roly, seconded Brian Cootes, carried unanimously.
  • Any other business
  • Roger King thanked individually all of those members that had helped with the 2017 AKM and also his wife and family. He also informed the meeting that the AKM 2018 would be held on May 13th. He also asked for help with the catering on the day.
  • A proposal to start club-nights at 2000 instead of 2030 was made; it was voted down, the start time to remain at 2030.
  • A vote of thanks to the committee was proposed by Rod, seconded by Neil and carried unanimously.
  • The meeting closed at 2055.

    Following the meeting an informal 30 minute chat produced several discussion points including:

  • Holding Film nights, the Castrol films were suggested.
  • Having a Section presence at the Shuttleworth Steam Fair over the full 3 days with a gazebo, banner and recruitment material. It was pointed out that quite a few members would be required to run such a stall.
  • June club-night to be used to commemorate 40 years of the Section, free food etc.
  • Links:
    Meeting Minutes
    Chairman's Report
    Secretary's Report
    Treasurer's Report

    Chairman's Report

    Rather than look back over what I think has been another very good year for our section, and risk repeating what Brent has already said, I'd prefer to look forward. We're very lucky to have a relatively large and enthusiastic committee whose main role it is to arrange the programme of events for the year. Over the last few years we've largely stuck with the tried-and-tested formula of talks, runs, concours, quiz, runs and food. A few new things have appeared such as midweek runs and lunches, and breakfast meets. But we're always looking for new ideas to give a try — so what do you fancy? A car pool or minibus outing to the wonderful VMCC library, the National Motorcycle Museum, or perhaps the new visitor's experience at the Triumph factory. Maybe more informal meets at a cafe or pub? We also realised how good it is to have a really good, but costly, speaker like Gordon May — we can afford one every now and again; so who would you like to see? How about a film night?

    Give it some thought, let us know, and we'll see what we can do.

    Finally, being Chairman is easy — I just have to try and keep committee meetings focused on the business — did I say that was easy? I lied.

    My sincere thanks to the committee, especially Brent, and to everyone who comes to our events and makes it all worthwhile.

    Bryan Marsh, November 2017

    Meeting Minutes
    Secretary's Report
    Treasurer's Report

    Secretary's Report

    Good Evening Bedfordshire Vintage Club people.

    Welcome one and all. It's great to see so many people here tonight, also to see you all at our club-nights through-out the year, and out and about on all of our runs and get-togethers.

    Now, I'll very briefly run through what's happened in the last year:

    December — The Auction produced some great bidding and we raised a good wad of cash that was put towards the Air Ambulance. You may remember that the Air Ambulance was Hoppy's favourite charity and we wanted to maintain that link with him.

    Speaking about the auction, PLEASE bring anything in you don't want and we'll auction it off next month. All proceeds to be shared with the Air Ambulance and the STMA. The STMA have had a lot of expense recently during their refurbishment and we are pleased to help along the association that has hosted us so well for our club-nights over so many years.

    If you are bringing anything in next month, please bring it along early so that we can get the various lots sorted out before the auction starts.

    January we had Bob Culver doing one of his excellent talks, this created a lot of interest as usual. February saw Don Mc Keand giving a talk on motorcycle models and lots of other stuff that we were all interested in as well, again very well received. Will Curry gave us a really interesting talk entitled 'It seemed like a Good Idea at the Time' we were all intrigued by that one, very good evening and then Bryan gave us the second part of his talks, this one entitled 'Still Going Like the Clappers'. Brilliant well researched stuff as usual from Bryan.

    Other talks this year included Gordon May on his hairy trip to Vietnam on a Matchless 350, very dangerous adventure, amazing he survived to tell us about it really.

    In March we had the Intersection quiz, very interesting and thought-provoking questions from Will and yet incredibly correct answers from the teams, wonderful work from super judges Rod and Ron marking the papers yet again.

    We also had the usual fish and chips night, concours night, ride a bike to Shefford night and of course we've also had Nigel's brilliant slide shows, all great stuff.

    Now, if you are into riding your old bike then you had the chance to do that with the Section fifteen times in the last twelve months events. These have included Will's Boxing Day mince pie and coffee get-together, great to get out on a bike after Christmas, Roger's Arthur King Memorial Run, really good. John's Spring Run, we had a great run out and lunch, well done John. Bryan organised an excellent Summer Saunter and Autumn Gold run, again very well done by Bryan. Great route map and lunch back at Shuttleworth. Also the Albert Brown Run which was well supported.

    As well as all of these we also had another fantastic series of six mid-week runs from Don and his band of helpers. Dave stepped in to help when Don was laid up in hospital, well done you two. These are great days out, if you can get there, don't miss them. Roger has continued with his mid-week lunches. The lunches are great, the food and company is also brilliant. We had our ride out to the Velo Club in May; great to see another club in action, thanks to Reg Cross and friends for the hospitality. Everyone enjoyed the evening and we'll be back there again next year for more. We've also started with the Shuttleworth Breakfast Meets, these are just a turn up and meet for a coffee and a chin-wag, great idea from Chris that really works.

    I'd now like to thank our hard working committee:

    Bryan, our Chairman, for his top notch work at every club-night, organising two major runs and his excellent journal notes and club work.

    Dave for the great fundraiser raffle that keeps us all afloat. The raffle has been our only source of income for years now. We don't get a penny from HQ, the money that comes in from the raffle pays for the hire of the hall, the food and drink laid on for Quiz Night and the Xmas bash, the subsidised fish and chips and it also pays any other expenses that the Section faces. So please get your quid's out when you see Dave coming around with the raffle tin. Dave and his wife Jennifer also organised the food collection to help Martin with the catering.

    Also Chris, for the committee night venue, he's never stopped making tea and serving up excellent cake like there's no tomorrow. He also came up with the Shuttleworth Breakfast meets idea and never fails to attend. Brilliant!

    Then there's Will, he organises and publicises all of our activities through the website and sits there working out all of the dozens of questions that have us chewing our pencils at the inter-section quiz night.

    Now it's time to thank Martin for all of the catering that he and his elves working in that kitchen turn out for us all, it's not easy but they do a great job plugging away behind the scenes.

    Then there's Nigel, our projectionist, P.A. and archive specialist. Nigel lugs all of this stuff about, brings it in every month and even stores it for us all. He even forces his wife Fay in to help with the food serving and has now conscripted his son in as Technical Adviser for our computer work.

    Next it's Don, he organises all of the mid-week runs and keeps coming up with excellent new routes.

    John, our long term committee member. John always organises the Spring Run, he's out in all weather in March getting a good route sorted, he helps with the quiz and he never misses a committee meeting.

    Next there's Bob, keeping our finances in order, working on the bank account to keep us straight.

    Finally, I'd like to present the Hoppy award this year to someone that has worked tirelessly for the Section for many, many years. He organises the mid-week lunches and for many years he also did the mid-week runs. He has organised the Arthur King Memorial run, one of the best runs you can go to anywhere in the country, so well for so many years. So, Roger King, come on down and accept the Award! (Applause)

    Meeting Minutes
    Chairman's Report
    Treasurer's Report

    Treasurer's Report

    15th November 2016 to 9th November 2017

    Income Expenditure
    Rollie's shirt sale £20.00 Monthly meetings Hall hire £288.00
    Auction £370.00 Gordon May talk £165.00
    Raffle £738.00 Catering £206.50
        Fish & Chip Night subsidy £100.00
        Raffle Prizes & Plaque £86.00
        Velo Club Visit £75.00
        Air Ambulance donation £300.00
        Prizes £91.00
    Grand total £1,128 Grand total £1225.50


    Note:Fish & Chip evening, Hall Hire, Prizes & Catering paid for from raffle takings


    Balance for year: -£97.50

    Petty cash brought forward: £160.00

    Cash in bank: £1228.48

    Balance of prizes: £50.00

    Meeting Minutes
    Chairman's Report
    Secretary's Report

    Comments, suggestions and articles for inclusion to: Will Curry ()