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Attached below are the Chairman's and Sectreary's reports for the 2021 AGM

VMCC Beds AGM 2021 - Chairman's Report

I'm sure I'm stating the obvious when I say that 2021 is a year that most of us would prefer to forget. Having said that, it's an ill wind that blows no good, and there are things that stand out as positive, in particular:

— The newsletter has revealed that we have some fine authors in our midst, with fascinating tales to tell and great technical knowledge to impart.

— Albeit with small numbers for much of the time, we held more runs than ever – even continuing right through the winter months.

Things are now starting to get back to normal and, after a long break, the committee has reconvened to draw up a full programme for the coming year. All the old favourites are in there, including the Intersection Quiz, Fish & Chips, Car Park Concours, Christmas Auction, midweek and weekend runs, midweek lunches and monthly breakfast meets – something like 50 events in all, hopefully something for everyone.

The existing committee is willing to stand for election once again, with one small change. John Brooker is not in the best of health, and we haven't seen him for a while, so we've asked Richard Chambers to join us. Richard looks after the organisation of the midweek lunches and the breakfast meets. I hope you will approve this change.

As I write this, the financial statement isn't yet available but Bob, our Treasurer, assures me that “we're doing alright”. Probably not surprising as the last year has seen very little income or expenditure. We'll be seeking formal approval of the financial statement once available.

Last year's AGM was “virtual” so there are no minutes, per se, to approve – so one less item to vote on. Unusually for our AGM, however, there's a formal resolution to vote on. Proposed by myself and seconded by Don Mckeand, it is proposed to bring forward the start time of evening meetings by half-an-hour, to 7.30 for 8.00pm. An earlier start would, hopefully, mean an earlier finish and avoid the nights when we are still clearing up when the Social Club is trying to shut up shop.

It is understandable that some members, including our Secretary and Treasurer, will be hesitant about attending an indoor AGM whilst Covid is still rife. Voting on the Committee membership, Financial Statement and the Resolution will, therefore, also be open to anyone not attending in person. Please send any approval or objection to me at and, to ensure fair play, copied to Brent at, or by any other means at hand (carrier pigeon, semaphore, smoke signals). Please also include your membership number as only paid-up VMCC members are entitled to vote. The vote will remain open for seven days after the AGM, i.e. to midnight on the 18th November.

Finally (at last, they gasp), I would like to express my sincere thanks to Brent, the other committee members, and everyone out there who makes our small section such a good one by attending our events.



Hello Chums,

I normally stand up and read these scribblings out myself but I'm relying on my pal Bryan this year, as I'm one of the vulnerable section members that can't go inside anywhere. What a drag!

Right, so what's happened over the last twelve months? Well, we had a virtual AGM last November. All was deemed to be okay within the section and members seemed happy to let us, the committee, continue to bumble along in our own inimitable style. Since then, Richard Chambers, our Mid-Week Lunch organiser, has joined the committee and is now also kindly sorting out venues for the Breakfast Meets.

The Xmas bash and auction was cancelled, as was the Boxing Day Run and everything else along the way.

A shining light through all of this has been the Newsletter from Bryan. I won't talk about it too much as Bryan will I am sure have something to say. All I'll say is 'Very Well Done!' That goes for all of those that have sent him articles too, you are all stars.

Also, a big 'Very Well Done' to Will for his virtual talks and Quiz Night, intriguing as we have come to expect and to Bryan for his virtual stuff, once again producing the goods.

The Mid Week, Autumn Gold and Sunday Runs have been a great success with Bryan, Don and Norm setting a high standard.

I'd like to thank the committee: Bryan, Martin, Chris, Nigel, Will, Don, Bob and Richard. Also very well done to Malcolm, Sam and Brian for helping our raffle guy Chris, great work.

Finally, the Hoppy Cup, this year awarded to… (to be revealed at AGM)

All the best,


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